Announcing new website

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new and improved website at  I have completely re-designed the interface to put the focus on the art, with a minimum of distractions.  There is still plenty of information about the work and about me, but it is now located in a layer below the art, allowing for a more seamless experience. 

Additionally, there are three new bodies of work:  Mesilla, a project in the Mesilla Valley if the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico; Green! a collection of photographs of spring in Sonoma County; and Damming the Colorado, a photo essay of Hoover Dam.

I have also changed the format of my newsletter (which has been infrequent of late).  The newsletter is now two blogs:  One, called STUDIO NEWS, will be published as news and announcements occur. The other, THE SKETCHBOOK, will be published every week (more or less) and contain articles about work in progress, whimsies and ideas about art.  Both of these are also available via RSS.