The Anasazi of Red Mesa Valley

The Red Mesa Valley, 1000 years ago, was a bustling agricultural hub with dozens of communities organized around chacoan “great houses”. Casamero, was at the center of one of these agricultural communities. While the exact function of the great houses is unknown, they are believed to have been used for both living quarters, perhaps of an elite, and for the storage of corn which, along with ceramics, were central to the economy of what is known as the Chaco Phenomenon. The beautiful black-on-white pottery of the Red Mesa Valley is among the most abundant pottery found at Chaco Canyon, and the Casamero great house is typical of the architecture of “Chaco outliers”. This week I will be visiting the Red Mesa Valley and Chaco Canyon, and I look forward to sharing with you the artistic fruits of this adventure.

The ruins of the Casamero great house in the Red Mesa Valley