Windowpane Takes Form

A photographic work of art is never complete until it takes physical form. I have previously written about the capturing of windowpane images and the distillation of the images through the canon. The final step on the road to completed windowpane works is the printing of the images, and last week the first artist’s proof, for the final form of one of the San Francisco Windowpane photographs, came off of the printer. I have sensed for a while that the final form of some of the windowpane images should be large, and I considered various print media, including photographic papers, aluminum, and polycarbonate. In the end, I decided that the appropriate media is a pigment print on canvas, as the images have a very painterly quality. They are, in some sense, photographic digital paintings.

The first of the windowpane images to take final form is Tattoo Too which I have printed at 48”x72” on artist canvas. It will be available in a limited edition series of either 5 or 7 prints, and will be one of the works featured in a showing of my work at the Las Cruces Museum of Art in May of 2016.

Tattoo Too
The print, fresh off of the printer and ready to varnish at Digital Grange

Tattoo Too
The varnished print hanging on the wall at the studio of my friend Carlos Estrada-Vega in Las Cruces New Mexico. Carlos and I will be showing together in the May 2016 show.

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