The Making of the Canon

Much of my process of making photographic art is embodied in the Canon of images. I have made over 500 Urban Reflections photographs,with the iphone camera, and I am adding images weekly.  There are currently 50 images that I am considering for inclusion in the final Canon of 20-30 images that I will print as limited editions.   New images are added, and other images are moved out, on a regular basis; patterns emerge from within the Canon, and suggest new avenues for photographic exploration; some images become more meaningful within the context of the Canon, others less so, and fall out; titles and words become associated with photographs. My goal with the Canon is to create a body of work that is a cohesive whole, composed of individually powerful images.

The gallery of Urban Reflections has undergone some changes to reflect the changes in the Canon.  Some of the original images have been removed, leaving gaps in the numbering sequence and, more than a dozen new images have been added.  Two of the new images are below.

2014.10.05.12-15-52 - Version 2
Chocolate Heaven

America!  Where better to observe American culture than Pier 39? Americans consume over three billion pounds of chocolate per year (12 pounds per person). Here they are, lined up for Chocolate Heaven!

2014.11.24.15-37-05 - Version 2
Los Segadores

San Francisco's Mission District has long been the home of another flavor of American culture: the culture of the latin emigrant.  Día de los Muertos, The Day of the Dead is a remembrance, through the setting of alters, of those who have passed, and a reminder, to those living, of the impermanence of this plane of existence. Los Segadores (reapers) were a symbol of resistance of the Catalans in the 17th century revolt against the occupying Castilians. Perhaps these Segadores are the vanguard of resistance to the gentrification of the Mission District.

I am enjoying the similarities and contrasts between the images captured at Pier 39 (numbers 27-31) and those from The Mission District (numbers 32-40). Between the two groups of images, patterns begin to emerge; microcosms of the larger patterns extending across the emerging Canon.

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